Vertical Anayet is a small company based in Zaragoza, formed by mountain enthusiasts, marketing, customer service.
The family-owned company founded by three brothers, makes as its primary objective the desvirtualización network, making each day that our customers are part of our lives.

We since 2010 in this online sales of mountain equipment, both individuals as serving clubs and federations. We also collaborate in the organization of activities, competitions, and in building climbing walls and sports areas.

On the website you can find equipment for all kinds of activities: ski clothes, climbing, running and trekking equipment for ice climbing and rock canyons, expeditions, camping ... and if the client needs any specific product, would only have call us, we would do everything possible to get it.

Vertical Anayet equipment consists of:

Geek, sportsman by nature, passionate about all sport played outdoors, and if it is hung or certain height, the better. Since very young, his parents began to take to the mountains, accompanied by his brothers. At age four he started skiing and since then no one can stop.

In the winter season no one will remove the cross country skis, almost sleeps with them, and during the rest of the time, not for: running trails ago (the last race was the Ultra Trail de Guadarrama, 60 km in the mountains Madrid, where he see), BBT, classical, sport and ice climbing ... climbing During the 2010/2011 was part of Mountaineering Team Modernization of Aragon.

In vertical terrain he has made ascents Goulotes and waterfalls in the Alps and Pyrenees, as well as classic and field adventure climbs.
His other hobbies include Online Marketing (an MBA from the EUDE) Japanese food and travel.

You can learn more about their adventures:

Blog: laselvademogli.anayetvertical.com
Facebook: Alejandro A. Figuerola

Summer mountaineering, trekking wearing shoes and walking on the roads of the Pyrenees mountains. The average mountain beauty and places like the lakes of Anayet are places where as can be visited.

Pilates is its other activities, and certainly stands out from the average, if anything is taught which is a very healthy activity for the body, an escape to relax from the intense daily rhythm.

Traveling to places and cultures, to live experiences in remote places is a safe plan every year a tireless traveler. It is certainly the soul of the company, making possible what these days is hard to do ... The numbers are your passion.

Bachelor of Arts, and financial expert month ago that we can continue to grow.

From tiny trek was one of his hobbies. With a father mountaineer "from before" and a mother with steel legs, was the goat in the Picos de Europa in just a year old and tip.

It has always been very athletic, combining modern dance with trekking through the Pyrenees on their days off, and from that part of Anayet Vertical, little by little has been fond of other sports like rock climbing, skiing and the bike.

Also, one of his great passions is traveling, and has kicked places like Costa Rica, Jordan and the United States with his hiking boots.

She graduated in Communication Studies, loves photography, film and series, and what relates to confectionery, it has Anayet Vertical team with sugar through the roof.


A natural athlete, when he was young and had all the conditions to exit athlete. Now the family trekking, skiing, mid-mountain and the Pyrenees are part of their daily lives.

It's hot or cold it is always giving swats on the track or running in the park: his is will.

He graduated in Journalism, is dedicated to project management for over 13 years.

What else?
You can find us in Zaragoza, Calle Tomas Pelayo, 32-34 (CP: 50009), where we have our offices and warehouse. From here we work to do better every day that we share.

You also can call us at 976 308 366, and of course we in the email [email protected]

As always, our commitment that your order arrives within 24 hours.

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